On our first day, I was really excited and  I was the early bird and the result  I forgot my slippers and my bible. Well, while waiting for the Police to come and take us, I was guilty for coming early. But that did not blew my high spirit In fact when they came not really on time but when they enter the gates, four Police service cars showed up and the officers where on their uniforms.. It was sooo cool!.

actually it look like this!

 So when they arrived, we, campers where in line like real soldiers and the officers started yelling at us and said “campers go to your assigned vehicles! 1, 2, 3!!”

When we arrived at our destination, we, the campers were yelled again and formed a line by teams. after that we were facing extreme heat because we were placed in the open daylight just standing. Waiting for further orders.

hehehe This is my part 1.

The things I’ve learned in this special training was that. Policemen of our country are the heroes and the protectors. That’s  why we should give them respect and acknowledgement. I was really happy because our trainers were really jolly and caring although they were really strict.

I really enjoyed the experience when we were climbing mountains, running, hiding, pass through dangerous places, walked through rice fields and surviving extreme heat with a little water.

amazing talaga.