There are many areas outside school where we can learn a lot and increase our knowledge. For example are the experiences we face when we have troubles and difficulties. We will learn how to stand on our own and learn to lean onto others when your all alone. You can also learn through joining environmental activities or volunteer first-aid organization. Where you will learn and realize what life is and how can you be a part of it. Learning can also be done by exploring the nearby cities. Knowing their language and how the government serves their people.

You can also learn new things from adults. Because they are more mature and have experienced a lot in their lives, but only choose the positive ones. Don’t further listen to out-of-topic stories. If you want to learn something about a particular book, try the bible. The  bible is the compilation of books with chapters and verses. It is quite complex and you can’t finish reading it in one day. If at first you can’t understand, try reading it again. There are plentiful of life lessons you can attain and a lot to think about. (start with “PROVERBS”)

Talking to people can also increase your learning but also choose what topic to suggest. Do not go to gossip. It is “no good”. Share ideas and principles that you can talk about. It is better also to talk about serious stuff and society problems to crack our heads.

Books can also be a good material for learning. Go to a library and choose a genre you want to look into. (try fiction or arts) Newspapers and magazines are good too. If you want from technology, you can go with blogs, websites and news online.

Do not stop learning.

-A friendly reminder from the writer. 🙂