individualismThis is the speech that I said during our English : Oral Communication subject:( Alone but not Lonely by: Shiloh Ruthie )

Thank you so much, It’s a pleasure to be here. I want to tell you something that interests me. when I was younger I was timid and shy and I always end up being by myself. Although, I still had my friends, being loud and hanging out with them was not my thing. during high school, I was always called a “loner”. Even though I have friends, somehow I was doing fine without them. I didn’t know that myself until I went to college.

People like me are often called “loners or lonely” but there are many terms that defines the word itself. One of them is the Individualists. The Individualists are those who think and live differently. So, don’t misunderstand and put them down, they may have an in-depth reason why they’re like that. Maybe they want to be alone for reasons that they don’t want to explain to others or a positive attitude to be different.

foe those who are fine being by themselves, I’d like to share the benefits of being

alone. Did you know that being by yourself means that you have time to do what you want to do? you think your own not with the negative opinions of others. Your influence is your own choice, whether you base on TV or any media you can find. You can easily whether you’re going in the wrong way or right way. you are free to decide your decisions. You are flexible with people, If they’re not there, that’s fine and if they’re there, that is fine too.

Thank you Ma’am Faderon for making me realize who I really am. Thanks to your Self-Assessment test. We should always keep in mind that people will really stereotype us in everything but not all of them.Like “Oh, she’s alone then she’s a loner” and “Oh he is an introvert, he is shy and doesn’t have any friends. What a pity!”

Is it because we are alone, we are loners? Yes, in their eyes.


Yes I am alone, but I am not lonely. you know now why, cause I think differently.



As a college student, I am friendly and I have a mind of my own.  Some people say I’m weird and some say I am unique. I have accumulated courage to stand up for my right and mean what I want to say. I believed in God and I try my best to live as a good follower of Him even though it’s hard.



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