Turning 19!


I know, I know.

I’m entering early adulthood. It’s fun actually that its the last year of my teen years. Nine TEEN. I have experienced a lot of hardships and difficulties that built me up as a person. Looking back, I was timid and desperate to seek affection. I’m finally in the stage of maturity where I can fully grasp what adults think and explain deep topics. I sometimes think that I should always think independently. I need to be tough and don’t show any weaknesses. I need to be strong and think rationally.

I am the youngest child of the family but I don’t act one. I am really not that sweet. I am actually strict and reserved. I am not the typical youngest child who acts to get attention. I’m happy you see, to be someone I am now. I may be jolly, outgoing, energetic and witty, but I also have my serious calm side. Yesterday my professor asked me, ” Ms. Canlas, is it true that you are silent but dangerous?” .. Amazing! Its the first time I’m hearing that question. Then I said, ” Maybe.. ” .

Anyways, that’s that. I’ve changed for the better and I want to thank my family for supporting me. My church friends who prayed for me and to God almighty.

Thank you everyone!

Happy Birthday to me !


Her birthday is on

November 29, 2014



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