Life today is destructive. People are killing each other. Countries claim each other’s lands. Victims of war and crimes are losing hope for peace and justice. People who we cherish, betrays us. Friends we love, destroy us. Enemies grow stronger. Teenagers are colored black (liberated, wild and values-gone). Government officials we trust and voted are corrupt. Police and military abuse their power of authority.

It’s black, brown, red and grey.

It’s heavy and makes us angry. But people are still doing it. They have gone blind. Blinded by the sin they made.

But, it’s also not just them and they. IT’S ASLO “US”. We are all sinners. Envy. Wrath. Pride. Sloth. Gluttony. Greed and Lust. We all human have that. The basics are clearly to be blamed.

How about God?

Life today, believers are multiplying all over the world and also, those who do not. “We are all separated from God. He wants us to reconnect. He doesn’t need a part of us. He needs the whole of us.”

We are lost. We are walking in circles. We are losing direction. There will be always a void in us that no earth-relationship can give.

Believing in God and accepting Him. I was never the same.

Being a believer, I learned to love those who are unloved, those who are difficult to love.

Being a believer doesn’t mean all my problems go away. They will be problems but God is with me along the way.

Being a believer gave me light upon all darkness. I’m loved. God patched the hole. He rescued me from drowning.

Life now has hope, color, meaning.

Always Trust. Always be thankful.