As a young leader, I face challenges and hardships regularly as I continue my schooling. These involve; different and difficult people. My environment has always been my influence. The struggles I face are constant. I am battling with Wants, Desires and Responsibility. Everyday, I want to give up. I’ve lost touch with my priorities and the voice in me.

Now, all this time, I realized that I haven’t been mindful, mindful that I had a choice. An independent Choice. I have a mind that I can control. God’s greatest gift is my mind. Here comes change.

I want to change. Change is difficult but with the right mindset, change is possible.

I am my own enemy. Acceptance of faults. Doing what is right. I am on my way to change.

God is my influence. My morals are my influence, my friends are my influence, all that, my Mind is my greatest influence.

LOVING AND FORGIVING. It’s not being naive. It’s doing what’s right.
SAYING SORRY. It’s not being naive, It’s mending the broken bond between people.
CONFRONTATION. It’s not bad, it makes people know their behavior and if they had fault. Don’t keep it. Let them know.

My mind is my mind. I need to think, to do, to believe, to listen, to accept fault and to love.