Photo by: Kenneth Rangas

September last month, a group of green plated tricycle drivers and their tricycle units placed themselves in front the General Santos City Hall. They were protesting about the law which was recently  promptly put effective by the Land Transportation Office. They rode fast around the city and blew their horns non-stop as they passed by.

In my longest  stay in Gen. Santos for 19 years, I have been dissatisfied with the lack of prompt effective act on public transportation such as the tricycle unit. Holistically, the drivers were undisciplined and abusive on the road, their plate numbers were not ‘yellow’ which signifies that they are private vehicles who take passengers and do not pay their supposed taxes. But, now I can see CHANGES. I see PROGRESS. I have been praying for this to happen. Thank you God.

Yes, the LTO’s (Land Transportation Office) move made lots of negative criticisms, replies, and complaints but, this is for the betterment of the city as a whole. It makes the people disciplined, it promotes systematic approach to application of laws, and deliberately has a goal in mind. I applaud the LTO for a Job-well-done. Keep up the good work!

Thank you LTO! Thank you for the visible appearances on the streets, thank you for acting and making a great progress on the problem, passengers are greatly happy and are also starting to get disciplined. Laws helps people orderly if its done the right way.

Truly yours,