How’s my year 2017?

It’s the last page of your book. My life this year. Let me point out briefly.

1. Graduated from college

2. Reviewed and took my board exams

3. Failed the exams

4. Start and Try Again

These four are the highlights of my year. Never regretted anything. It all comes down to your perspective.
As I always point out, Life’s a journey not a race.

Pictures are not mine, credits to the owner.


My city upgrades it’s public library!

The City Public Library is a newly renovated public facility use for the Generals or the citizens of this city. This is a free for all use, especially for students, professionals, and knowledge-loving individuals.

This building consists of two (2) connected buildings. First building is thr main library which has: prayer room, and breastfeeding room. The second building is called City Public Library-Annex. This building has the Filipiniana Section and the IT Section where the people can search and surf the internet for research purposes. The Main building is a Wifi-zone, so citizens can bring their electronics.

I went here and I appreciate the comfortable place for study and reading.


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