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in 2018, I became an HR Assistant.


Our Body Heat on Emotions


“That Anger at the first left upper part, brings memories. Also,  that anxiety and happiness <3”

What Color?

As a Psychology student, I am pretty much interested in the personalities of each individual. How they behave and react to such occasions. Click the picture to enlarge.

In this graph, you can see the definitions of each color.  What's yours?
In this graph, you can see the definitions of each color.
What color are you?

Turning 19!


I know, I know.

I’m entering early adulthood. It’s fun actually that its the last year of my teen years. Nine TEEN. I have experienced a lot of hardships and difficulties that built me up as a person. Looking back, I was timid and desperate to seek affection. I’m finally in the stage of maturity where I can fully grasp what adults think and explain deep topics. I sometimes think that I should always think independently. I need to be tough and don’t show any weaknesses. I need to be strong and think rationally.

I am the youngest child of the family but I don’t act one. I am really not that sweet. I am actually strict and reserved. I am not the typical youngest child who acts to get attention. I’m happy you see, to be someone I am now. I may be jolly, outgoing, energetic and witty, but I also have my serious calm side. Yesterday my professor asked me, ” Ms. Canlas, is it true that you are silent but dangerous?” .. Amazing! Its the first time I’m hearing that question. Then I said, ” Maybe.. ” .

Anyways, that’s that. I’ve changed for the better and I want to thank my family for supporting me. My church friends who prayed for me and to God almighty.

Thank you everyone!

Happy Birthday to me !


Her birthday is on

November 29, 2014


Do the Hard not the Easy.

Are we too lax? too comfortable? Everything is so good let’s just be like this all the time. We don’t like hassles, we want stress-free lives. We don’t like doing hard things because we are in our comfort zones.

Here’s a statistics based on a person who researched it.:

27% – People who likes to sit, sleep and watch movies in their laptops the entire day. Watch anime or TV series like Big Bang Theory for 4-8 hours. People who doesn’t care about life just live like a copy of the world. People who want to be a couch potato. “I don’t want to move a muscle cause it’s so tiring and stressful”. Those who drink alcohol by morning and after that, go home and sleep. Then drink again. Those who play video games after school everyday and really save money for it like it’s really very important.

60%Easily motivated kind of people. They can be easily motivated. They’ll be on fire but after some time, they will cool down and live like they were the person before. Easily influenced/decieved by others.

10%Self-motivated. These are people who are ambitious, positive thinkers, have big dreams in life, and the best people to be with as a friend.

What is your dream? Is it just to graduate fast? and have a job and have a family and get married?  OR Do you want to live life differently? Different from your friends. Building your self up. Strengthening your skills. Making a difference in your community. Volunteering in helping others and others. There are so many things you can do right now.

There are 2 things to do :

1. Make your dream big! Bigger than yourself.

2. Then, what is your WHY?. Why do you want to be like that? what is your goal? Is it just only for self-fulfillment? If your WHY is not big enough then you won’t make it.

3%Motivators. These are the people who encourage. Who have achieved something big and want to share it to people so that they too will also have an idea how to be different. These are people who can be mentors and teachers and will really give wisdom and good advice to those who are in need and ask for it.

Always have in mind—- ” I’m meant to be something.”


Step Out of your comfort zones and DO HARD THINGS.

Do Hard Things



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Do Hard Things

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