My On-the-Job Training Completion,

Though! It’s not that fulfilling yet because I still have to finish my OJT compilation and other things to do. Such as: Notarization, reminding supervisors and other student-ish stuff needed to complete.  But, It was a blast! I will form the experience in to a one-liner sentence.

It was a very hands-on work with heavy pressure-expectation, mending bond with friends, brain and patience-cracking experience!! haha

Different kind of emoticons could express what I felt in my OJT Experience!

For starters, I enrolled for Psych 29 this summer 2016 for Psychology Internship. We are given 280 hours to complete within 2 months.

We have 3 settings which included: Industrial Setting, Clinical Setting, and School Setting with each 100 and 80 hours separately . So, I hurriedly prepared my resume, which was highly criticized by ma’am ——! anyways, I did my best to make it look presentable. With my friends, we took pictures of 2x2s for the resume and were all worked up of getting hired or not. Kinda stressful but, Challenge Accepted!!

The companies I’ve worked for are the following:

  1. For CLINICAL SETTING – NDRC/New Day Recovery Center in Lanang, Davao City

  2. For INDUSTRIAL SETTING – SOCOTECO II/South Cotabato Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

  3. For SCHOOL SETTING – NDDU Guidance and Testing Center

Long story short, I have to cut it down, It was..

The Best educational and stressful SUMMER I’ve ever had in my life! 😀






Do the Hard not the Easy.

Are we too lax? too comfortable? Everything is so good let’s just be like this all the time. We don’t like hassles, we want stress-free lives. We don’t like doing hard things because we are in our comfort zones.

Here’s a statistics based on a person who researched it.:

27% – People who likes to sit, sleep and watch movies in their laptops the entire day. Watch anime or TV series like Big Bang Theory for 4-8 hours. People who doesn’t care about life just live like a copy of the world. People who want to be a couch potato. “I don’t want to move a muscle cause it’s so tiring and stressful”. Those who drink alcohol by morning and after that, go home and sleep. Then drink again. Those who play video games after school everyday and really save money for it like it’s really very important.

60%Easily motivated kind of people. They can be easily motivated. They’ll be on fire but after some time, they will cool down and live like they were the person before. Easily influenced/decieved by others.

10%Self-motivated. These are people who are ambitious, positive thinkers, have big dreams in life, and the best people to be with as a friend.

What is your dream? Is it just to graduate fast? and have a job and have a family and get married?  OR Do you want to live life differently? Different from your friends. Building your self up. Strengthening your skills. Making a difference in your community. Volunteering in helping others and others. There are so many things you can do right now.

There are 2 things to do :

1. Make your dream big! Bigger than yourself.

2. Then, what is your WHY?. Why do you want to be like that? what is your goal? Is it just only for self-fulfillment? If your WHY is not big enough then you won’t make it.

3%Motivators. These are the people who encourage. Who have achieved something big and want to share it to people so that they too will also have an idea how to be different. These are people who can be mentors and teachers and will really give wisdom and good advice to those who are in need and ask for it.

Always have in mind—- ” I’m meant to be something.”


Step Out of your comfort zones and DO HARD THINGS.

Do Hard Things



I Recommend you guys to read:


Do Hard Things

School is not the only place for learning

There are many areas outside school where we can learn a lot and increase our knowledge. For example are the experiences we face when we have troubles and difficulties. We will learn how to stand on our own and learn to lean onto others when your all alone. You can also learn through joining environmental activities or volunteer first-aid organization. Where you will learn and realize what life is and how can you be a part of it. Learning can also be done by exploring the nearby cities. Knowing their language and how the government serves their people.

You can also learn new things from adults. Because they are more mature and have experienced a lot in their lives, but only choose the positive ones. Don’t further listen to out-of-topic stories. If you want to learn something about a particular book, try the bible. The  bible is the compilation of books with chapters and verses. It is quite complex and you can’t finish reading it in one day. If at first you can’t understand, try reading it again. There are plentiful of life lessons you can attain and a lot to think about. (start with “PROVERBS”)

Talking to people can also increase your learning but also choose what topic to suggest. Do not go to gossip. It is “no good”. Share ideas and principles that you can talk about. It is better also to talk about serious stuff and society problems to crack our heads.

Books can also be a good material for learning. Go to a library and choose a genre you want to look into. (try fiction or arts) Newspapers and magazines are good too. If you want from technology, you can go with blogs, websites and news online.

Do not stop learning.

-A friendly reminder from the writer. 🙂

Resfreshing 2014, change thyself!

A NEW YEAR, and new experiences yet to come. This year will be great if you let it be. You will be the one to decide.

ONE, to start the school day, you should start off with a smile on your face and aware of your surroundings. Because when you are aware, you will know what is exactly happening to others and also to you. Be polite and cheerful to strangers, teachers and friends. Especially with your family.

TWO, change your negative habits because it destroys you. (It happened to me) It is honestly difficult but if you really want to change for the better, you need to do it. Common negative habits are; cranky, laziness, irresponsible and not studying. (I am really working on it. Reminding myself all the time) “Your habits today may ruin you or make you successful in the future.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

THREE, Join any possible competition or sport in your school so that you will gain confidence and self-esteem. You will also gain friends and widen your view on different things. Anything, from badminton, volleyball or basketball. Just join, even if you still don’t know how to play. But if you are eager to learn then Go!. Don’t limit your self to new things”

FOUR, Be productive. There are many things to do this year. Outside or inside the school. If you want to achieve many things then have this thinking in mind. “I will achieve many things this year!!”. Be positive always. At home, you can do laundry, wash dishes and sweep the dirty floor. I’m sure your parents will be happy. In school, enhance your self by upgrading your studies. (Kahit pa konti-konti lang). You can do it! “Don’t live an idle life!”

FIVE, Learn new things. In sports, news, history, how to drive, to cook, ride a bike, to play volleyball, to use the computer, to learn the language of different countries and many more. Don’t stop learning. You won’t regret it. (Believe me!)  But FIRST!, you need to LISTEN.

“To gain wisdom, you need to listen first.” 

NOTE–There are still several things I want to share but I don’t have time left. See you guys soon.  ^^

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