How’s my year 2017?

It’s the last page of your book. My life this year. Let me point out briefly.

1. Graduated from college

2. Reviewed and took my board exams

3. Failed the exams

4. Start and Try Again

These four are the highlights of my year. Never regretted anything. It all comes down to your perspective.
As I always point out, Life’s a journey not a race.

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Want to be a Proactive Student?

Hi there random reader,

This is a review and reaction of a book called “10 Keys to College Success” with the author, Ms. Leung-Yao. I bought the book on year 2014, but I came to know the book way back 2012 as a student in my previous school in Bohol, and was introduced by our professor in one of our minor subjects. Then I have been following the tips ever since. Now, this a special article because, the book actually has influenced me become a productive and effective student attaining college success!

SPECIAL ARTICLE: Collehiyala’s College Days (briefly discussed.)

On October 2013, I transferred to a local university in my hometown. I became a first year student again because I shifted from another course and school. It was difficult to adapt at first; because of the new people, to seek out new friends, and get-to-know the school policies. A year later, I bought the book as was mentioned above. It intrigued me because I wanted to start over again. I want to be independent, responsible, and I wanted to be acknowledged.

The book helped me in a way that:

A. I started to be positive about my future. I was very preoccupied at that time because I have issues back then, but the book reaffirmed me that I can make a difference, that I can change my bad habits and try to become the person I wanted to be.

B. I started to use my school’s resources. It says in the book “How many times do you borrow book and read a book?”. Back in my high school days, I don’t go to our school’s library. I didn’t even have the slightest of interest to read a book. I was very contented with what the teachers are teaching. Week after week, I wanted to increase my comprehension. I wanted to learn more and understand better. It was fun, spending my vacant times in the library. I was also able to finish my assignments and projects as I worked on them in the library. Peace and quiet.


C. I started to do creative ways to enjoy my vacant times at home. I went from gardening to sweeping our house’s floors. I pretty much enjoyed cleaning the house. I also read the books that I borrowed from the library.

D. Outside home, I joined Fun Runs (by myself). I loved staying fit and taking a part in the local activities our local government offers. I met local politicians and police officers.


E. Few years then, I started to have the idea of going out of my comfort zone. I joined an organization in our department in Psychology. I was elected as Secretary. The responsibilities were heavy but I was able to survive. (Yay!) I mumbled a lot, because I became a treasurer at the same time the secretary!!, all that helped me gain friends! I also joined an organization called, Peer Facilitators’ Society. Where I was forced to but gained a skill in emceeing and facilitating activities which I didn’t had a thought of having. I loved what I was doing, and all the tasks given to me and the leaders acknowledging my efforts. A great third year! Boom year too, because I became the Outstanding Peer Facilitator of the Year 2016!! (AMAZING!) God is amazing!

In my fourth year, I was not able to use the book anymore, but my mindset is now totally different. I think independently, I became a leader and became a person to rely on. (The year was also challenging because of some personal issues) Well, I survived and all is well! It was rocky, bumpy, and full of holes but I succeeded. I was able to get a degree. Yahoo!

Prayer, friends and family also helped me in attaining my goals! I graduated from college last March 25, 2017 with a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology and smiled with a proud face!



Thank you author! Thank you reader, for reading!



*Now, my road to RPm begins on June!

My On-the-Job Training Completion,

Though! It’s not that fulfilling yet because I still have to finish my OJT compilation and other things to do. Such as: Notarization, reminding supervisors and other student-ish stuff needed to complete.  But, It was a blast! I will form the experience in to a one-liner sentence.

It was a very hands-on work with heavy pressure-expectation, mending bond with friends, brain and patience-cracking experience!! haha

Different kind of emoticons could express what I felt in my OJT Experience!

For starters, I enrolled for Psych 29 this summer 2016 for Psychology Internship. We are given 280 hours to complete within 2 months.

We have 3 settings which included: Industrial Setting, Clinical Setting, and School Setting with each 100 and 80 hours separately . So, I hurriedly prepared my resume, which was highly criticized by ma’am ——! anyways, I did my best to make it look presentable. With my friends, we took pictures of 2x2s for the resume and were all worked up of getting hired or not. Kinda stressful but, Challenge Accepted!!

The companies I’ve worked for are the following:

  1. For CLINICAL SETTING – NDRC/New Day Recovery Center in Lanang, Davao City

  2. For INDUSTRIAL SETTING – SOCOTECO II/South Cotabato Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

  3. For SCHOOL SETTING – NDDU Guidance and Testing Center

Long story short, I have to cut it down, It was..

The Best educational and stressful SUMMER I’ve ever had in my life! 😀





Annoyance and Dissatisfaction of the Transportation System in General Santos City

I’m having a hard time being kind and compassionate towards tricycle drivers.  It’s hard. But, they too are victims of their own desires and needs. Unconscious of what they have been doing because of lack of guidance and supervision from the local Government. Seminars can be done, proper order can be done and the commitment to give better services to the community. There are so many ways and creative plans that can be implemented. Is it about politics? Number of votes? I don’t know but that is what I heard.

They’ve dominated the roads, ways and even the floors of General Santos City. Going back 4 years ago, I have always been riding together with them because they are the means of transportation. I have good and bad experiences with them. Right now, the situation got worse and they are populating the whole city. It could be nice if both commuters and drivers will have good relationship with each other but that idealism is only applicable to some. It’s a dream a commuter will always have.

The pressures of daily competition cause hostility among drivers. It drives them mad. The built aggression is thrown to commuters.  Then commuters will also be hostile towards drivers. It has now become a cycle. A person only wants to earn for a living but, must be done in a proper way.

I, a college student of a known school have always been deviant towards drivers. I protect my rights and if simple discussion is not enough I tend to argue until an agreement is made. I know it decreases my energy but they need to know what is right and wrong. I have been angry long enough. Thanks to my faith that I have been walking, I fight my mind to continue praying for peace and compassion towards drivers, to talk politely with them.

My question is, when will be the people will make an effort to get themselves educated if the government does not? Will people remain as they are? Stay ignorant and angry? Let’s do the effort and back ourselves with compassion and knowledge about these things.

Know our rights, know our laws!


Winning 2nd RUNNER UP on Manga Making Competition!


This is my VERY First TIME to join a Competition, especially on my field of expertise.

It’s Our University’s Intramurals 2015!

First day of the Intrams! 5 hours straight of ongoing competition. I’m getting tired by the second and hungry. I forced my partner to join. I really want her to face her fears, so I dragged her along.

I’ve been encouraged many times to join drawing contests in high school but, I never did. Now, finally I decided to join and represent my college.

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