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This is a review and reaction of a book called “10 Keys to College Success” with the author, Ms. Leung-Yao. I bought the book on year 2014, but I came to know the book way back 2012 as a student in my previous school in Bohol, and was introduced by our professor in one of our minor subjects. Then I have been following the tips ever since. Now, this a special article because, the book actually has influenced me become a productive and effective student attaining college success!

SPECIAL ARTICLE: Collehiyala’s College Days (briefly discussed.)

On October 2013, I transferred to a local university in my hometown. I became a first year student again because I shifted from another course and school. It was difficult to adapt at first; because of the new people, to seek out new friends, and get-to-know the school policies. A year later, I bought the book as was mentioned above. It intrigued me because I wanted to start over again. I want to be independent, responsible, and I wanted to be acknowledged.

The book helped me in a way that:

A. I started to be positive about my future. I was very preoccupied at that time because I have issues back then, but the book reaffirmed me that I can make a difference, that I can change my bad habits and try to become the person I wanted to be.

B. I started to use my school’s resources. It says in the book “How many times do you borrow book and read a book?”. Back in my high school days, I don’t go to our school’s library. I didn’t even have the slightest of interest to read a book. I was very contented with what the teachers are teaching. Week after week, I wanted to increase my comprehension. I wanted to learn more and understand better. It was fun, spending my vacant times in the library. I was also able to finish my assignments and projects as I worked on them in the library. Peace and quiet.


C. I started to do creative ways to enjoy my vacant times at home. I went from gardening to sweeping our house’s floors. I pretty much enjoyed cleaning the house. I also read the books that I borrowed from the library.

D. Outside home, I joined Fun Runs (by myself). I loved staying fit and taking a part in the local activities our local government offers. I met local politicians and police officers.


E. Few years then, I started to have the idea of going out of my comfort zone. I joined an organization in our department in Psychology. I was elected as Secretary. The responsibilities were heavy but I was able to survive. (Yay!) I mumbled a lot, because I became a treasurer at the same time the secretary!!, all that helped me gain friends! I also joined an organization called, Peer Facilitators’ Society. Where I was forced to but gained a skill in emceeing and facilitating activities which I didn’t had a thought of having. I loved what I was doing, and all the tasks given to me and the leaders acknowledging my efforts. A great third year! Boom year too, because I became the Outstanding Peer Facilitator of the Year 2016!! (AMAZING!) God is amazing!

In my fourth year, I was not able to use the book anymore, but my mindset is now totally different. I think independently, I became a leader and became a person to rely on. (The year was also challenging because of some personal issues) Well, I survived and all is well! It was rocky, bumpy, and full of holes but I succeeded. I was able to get a degree. Yahoo!

Prayer, friends and family also helped me in attaining my goals! I graduated from college last March 25, 2017 with a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology and smiled with a proud face!



Thank you author! Thank you reader, for reading!



*Now, my road to RPm begins on June!


Winning 2nd RUNNER UP on Manga Making Competition!


This is my VERY First TIME to join a Competition, especially on my field of expertise.

It’s Our University’s Intramurals 2015!

First day of the Intrams! 5 hours straight of ongoing competition. I’m getting tired by the second and hungry. I forced my partner to join. I really want her to face her fears, so I dragged her along.

I’ve been encouraged many times to join drawing contests in high school but, I never did. Now, finally I decided to join and represent my college.

Food Buddies

“We Eat, We talk and we bond”

That’s what we do after our evening Psych 23 class. Can’t blame us, we’re hungry! Just for a cheap dessert, Cornetto ice cream is the answer! Yea!

The Drill

Seriously!! Having fun on an Earthquake Drill. It should be taken seriously right?

But, they can’t help it. It’s fun to be with people. Standing still is not in the dictionary of those classmates of mine. 30 minutes we wait as an ambulance roam around the campus.

Just to make this time memorable, I took pictures. After all, classes will resume later. It’s good and refreshing to take out the inner child of my classmates. (Our teacher too)

Alone but not Lonely

individualismThis is the speech that I said during our English : Oral Communication subject:( Alone but not Lonely by: Shiloh Ruthie )

Thank you so much, It’s a pleasure to be here. I want to tell you something that interests me. when I was younger I was timid and shy and I always end up being by myself. Although, I still had my friends, being loud and hanging out with them was not my thing. during high school, I was always called a “loner”. Even though I have friends, somehow I was doing fine without them. I didn’t know that myself until I went to college.

People like me are often called “loners or lonely” but there are many terms that defines the word itself. One of them is the Individualists. The Individualists are those who think and live differently. So, don’t misunderstand and put them down, they may have an in-depth reason why they’re like that. Maybe they want to be alone for reasons that they don’t want to explain to others or a positive attitude to be different.

foe those who are fine being by themselves, I’d like to share the benefits of being

alone. Did you know that being by yourself means that you have time to do what you want to do? you think your own not with the negative opinions of others. Your influence is your own choice, whether you base on TV or any media you can find. You can easily whether you’re going in the wrong way or right way. you are free to decide your decisions. You are flexible with people, If they’re not there, that’s fine and if they’re there, that is fine too.

Thank you Ma’am Faderon for making me realize who I really am. Thanks to your Self-Assessment test. We should always keep in mind that people will really stereotype us in everything but not all of them.Like “Oh, she’s alone then she’s a loner” and “Oh he is an introvert, he is shy and doesn’t have any friends. What a pity!”

Is it because we are alone, we are loners? Yes, in their eyes.


Yes I am alone, but I am not lonely. you know now why, cause I think differently.



As a college student, I am friendly and I have a mind of my own.  Some people say I’m weird and some say I am unique. I have accumulated courage to stand up for my right and mean what I want to say. I believed in God and I try my best to live as a good follower of Him even though it’s hard.



(The pictures are not mine.)


evening clock

What a day of exercise and long walk.

It’s a very tiring day and it’s 6:37 pm but this evening, I am going to talk about friends and the times you spend time with them.

I’m Moving 4th year high school this coming June, It’s really fast you know.

I recall the happy times during my junior days and the entertaining classmates that really are funny.

The solidarity of our class is really nice. Because in times we are in trouble, we are united and we help each other’s back.

Spend time with  friends but choose friends that has good influences.

Well, I am  happy because I have friends like them.

It’s   the friends you can call up to 4:00 a.m. that matter.

Marlene Dietrich

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