Annoyance and Dissatisfaction of the Transportation System in General Santos City

I’m having a hard time being kind and compassionate towards tricycle drivers.  It’s hard. But, they too are victims of their own desires and needs. Unconscious of what they have been doing because of lack of guidance and supervision from the local Government. Seminars can be done, proper order can be done and the commitment to give better services to the community. There are so many ways and creative plans that can be implemented. Is it about politics? Number of votes? I don’t know but that is what I heard.

They’ve dominated the roads, ways and even the floors of General Santos City. Going back 4 years ago, I have always been riding together with them because they are the means of transportation. I have good and bad experiences with them. Right now, the situation got worse and they are populating the whole city. It could be nice if both commuters and drivers will have good relationship with each other but that idealism is only applicable to some. It’s a dream a commuter will always have.

The pressures of daily competition cause hostility among drivers. It drives them mad. The built aggression is thrown to commuters.  Then commuters will also be hostile towards drivers. It has now become a cycle. A person only wants to earn for a living but, must be done in a proper way.

I, a college student of a known school have always been deviant towards drivers. I protect my rights and if simple discussion is not enough I tend to argue until an agreement is made. I know it decreases my energy but they need to know what is right and wrong. I have been angry long enough. Thanks to my faith that I have been walking, I fight my mind to continue praying for peace and compassion towards drivers, to talk politely with them.

My question is, when will be the people will make an effort to get themselves educated if the government does not? Will people remain as they are? Stay ignorant and angry? Let’s do the effort and back ourselves with compassion and knowledge about these things.

Know our rights, know our laws!



What Color?

As a Psychology student, I am pretty much interested in the personalities of each individual. How they behave and react to such occasions. Click the picture to enlarge.

In this graph, you can see the definitions of each color.  What's yours?
In this graph, you can see the definitions of each color.
What color are you?

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