What’s “collehiyala”?

‘Collehiyala’ you ask?

Here’s the definition:

Collehiyala is derived from the Filipino word, ‘Kolehiyala‘ which means ‘college girl/woman‘. I just named it that way. Isn’t it cool? (okay.)

I went to NDDU – Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (present) and University of Bohol (past). All located in the Philippines. Currently I am an incoming 4th year student of my chosen undergraduate course of Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology. (It’s a Cool Course!)


Oh! and I am a very active student in terms of being the elected President of one of the clubs of my school–the responsiblity tho. But, It’s a one way opportunity to learn new things. Also, another officer in my own course as PIO with lesser responsiblities.  (Thumbs Up!)

I’m still going to enjoy my last college years to the fullest! Surely 4 years have come by! But, there are still more to come..

Struggles, trials, failures, conflict, determination, perseverance, faith and compassion!





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